KDS Logistics – International Forwarding & Ferry agents

Who are we?

About us

For more than a quarter of a century KDS Logistics has been a concept in ferry trailer transport between the UK and continental Europe. The company is run by a small team of dedicated specialists that have developed over the years the expertise in these transport routes. We operate from the harbour of Rotterdam, the logistical heart of Northwest Europe. KDS Logistics has established a widespread, sophisticated network of Logistics services over this time, and customers benefit from them as KDS Logistics will always endeavor to provide a solution. Our secret lies in efficient planning of onward transport, both in Europe and the UK mainland.


What do we offer


Most of our work involves performing transport (both full loads and part loads) with a modern fleet of trailers. These trailers meet all the demands of customers and governments in terms of safety and capacity. KDS Logistics began with the transport of vegetables and fruit, but today we now carry all types of dry cargo including the transport of hazardous materials.

Full loads

Our full load service delivers your cargo wherever and whenever you want. We provide daily opportunities to deliver your loads on time to your customer.

Part loads

Part loads and LCL shipments are handled within our business, with our extensive network KDS can offer daily services to and from Germany and the United Kingdom.

History and foundation


KDS Logistics was founded in 1989 as a department within the firm Kuiper, Van Dam & Smeer. This company had existed since 1756 and derived its name from its founders. In 1994, KDS Logistics became an independent company that was acquired a year later by Karel van Suchtelen and Jeannette Terlouw .

Since its founding KDS Logistics has earned a reputation in the transport of goods between the continent and the United Kingdom and through our years of experience in international transport KDS Logistics has maintained its place in ferry traffic. Also in continental transport there are few countries that we do not serve.