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Double of the German Toll (Maut) from December 1, 2023

Double of the German Toll (Maut) from December 1, 2023

As of December 1, 2023, a new CO2 levy of 20 cents per kilometer will be introduced in Germany as part of the Maut (toll) increase. The German government’s measure will result in an almost doubling of the toll costs.

A cost increase of 3 to 8% per kilometer is expected due to the Maut increase. Starting from the current toll of €0.19 per kilometer for a 40-ton Euro 6 truck, there will be an addition of €0.158 in CO2 tax, bringing the total to nearly double the price at €0.348 per kilometer from December 1, 2023.

From 2024 to 2027, Germany plans to allocate the 30.5 billion euros in additional revenue from the CO2 surcharge to improvements in the main roads, but primarily to ‘railway-related measures.’

Reducing the extra costs by avoiding German toll roads through detours via other countries is often not a feasible option in most cases, as it is time-consuming and comes with additional expenses.

We deeply regret that the German government is imposing this extreme increase on the transport sector. Naturally, this cost increase as of December 1 will have an impact on our transport rates and the cost structure of our customers.

We will, of course, inform our customers about the cost increase in transport rates. Would you like to know more about the effect of the German Maut increase on your transport rates, please contact our sales department at +31 (0)10 4914117 or email us at info@kdslogistics.nl 

(Source: Transport & Logistiek Nederland)

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