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The impact of the toll increase on the transport sector

The impact of the toll increase on the transport sector

“Solvency at risk due to Maut increase,” according to the German groupage network Elvis

In an alarming warning, the German groupage network Elvis states that the survival of transport companies hangs by a thread unless they manage to pass on the recent toll increase in Germany to their transportation prices. With the introduction of a CO2 surcharge on Friday, toll costs per kilometer for many trucks are rising, significantly impacting transportation companies.

The financial pressure on freight forwarders is significantly increasing, as tolls, alongside diesel costs, represent one of their largest expenses. Elvis emphasizes that failure to pass on these costs to customers can quickly lead companies into financial trouble. The risk of a doubling will have a considerable impact on overall solvency, potentially causing transport companies to lose their creditworthiness, thereby deterring fuel traders and toll providers.

The dissatisfaction within the transport sector over the CO2 surcharge has led to protests, with about 300 trucks demonstrating in Germany last weekend. Union BLV Pro is organizing a new demonstration next Saturday at a parking lot in Bünde.

Elvis also criticizes the toll increase, considering it nothing more than a hidden tax where the federal government effectively designates freight forwarders and cargo carriers as collectors. Grabowski considers the question of whether the industry will be able to cover the enormous cost increases as of secondary importance to the coalition. Therefore, the toll increase is perceived as a significant threat to the stability of the entire transport sector.

This article is derived from Nieuwsblad Transport. You can read it here.